Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time for a change in the Model Business

Melanie Ribbe & Sigrid Gaffga-Ribbe

This strong Mother daughter team has started as a conscious and innovative Model Wealth Management Agency in Montego Bay Jamaica in 2008.

Our Intention is to set a new standard of a clean and genuine Talent Agency with the main focus on the wellness/well being of all our Talents. For each of our models the we plan a personal career, taking their strengths and personal circumstances into account, maximising their potential and infinite opportunities.

We saw the need of conscious guidance and emotional support for the youth who want to become a part of the Entertainment / fashion Industry.

First and foremost we have to get them ready for a rough (often very corrupted) business world.
The sky high raising in the glamorous Heaven of fame and sometimes much fast fall down into nothing can crash our spirits even harder when not prepared.
We give you always a plan B or C in your hand.

We sit and talk to find together with you and your parents the optimal future planning for your personals goals.
Our recommendation is in any case to insure that all our talents become aware of the high importance of Health Care specially emotional stability and life managing skills with or without wealth. This mean you can be happy in any way.

A motherly intention to support ,protect you no matter what ...
There is no need to end up in drugs/life crises when we prepare them right from the beginning.

Work shops and seminars on a regular basis, creating awareness and skills to arm you for anything might happen in the world of Fame.

Our training and guidance is there to build together a strong base.

All our models have become a big happy family. Here you can build friendships which can last for a life time.

Conscious uniting , team up to work hand in hand for out all success.

And as soon as they understand the true meaning of " Universal Wellness" we will make this wonderful planet to a lovely place to be for all of us.

As you might know Health and Beauty goes always hand in hand but we often forget the spiritual and emotional aspects on our path to wholeness.

NOW the time has come to unite an Holistic concept of grooming young people to become aware of there high responsibility, presenting the future of a better world to be.

23 Years experiences in Wellness industry and a long history of involvements in the fashion, Music & designer world made it possible to combine a new and holistic approach of grooming and managing those assistance seeking young people.

Many have being holding back and of course concerned parents who never trusted to send there Children out.
Sigrid as a responsible Mother of 3 wonderful Girls knows about the hidden dangers in the entertainment industry very well.
That was the reason to step up and insure and clean involvement with pure intentions.

There are ways to do create workable and emotional stable and strong Models and Actors who will make it happen.
Creating a new generation of clean business oriented fashion specialist, Models and Actors for the future.

Together we can make it happen.
With love, trust and conscious management taken from the very beginning.

Not only the word " Mother agency" becomes now a new and true meaning for all of us.

The best mission statement is based on trust and love in the creator, who will always be there for us and guide us into his success.

We invite all Parents and young talents who like to find out more about us .
call in for an appointment and see what we have to offer to your future.

Our ears and doors are always an open.

Call us for support , assistance /guide young people in any life situation, obstacles in there life's.
Health issues, relationship issues are just to mention a few which are often there and easier to solve as a loving and supporting team.

Happiness, optimal health and Wellness is our goal for you to achieve.
Be prepared for the the next Photo shoot
(beauty and health care in a new natural way)

Get some amazing Runway skills
we show you how to look like a professional Model on the catwalk

feel comfortable in your next casting call
we teach you proper breathing and mediation for a wonderful balanced life.
feel always great with a strong convincing self esteem
motivational training and enlightening seminars are a part of our grooming programs to assist you to develop inner beauty and enable you to recognize the real you inside.
get ready and be prepared for your successful future
lifestyle transformational seminars and cooking classes for healthy eating.
Will get you ready to take care of your self , no matter where you are and what ever life has to offer. You can maintain proper health on any level.

life can be wonderful with the right balance

Feel free to contact us if you have a passion for fashion or love to become a Model Actor, designer in the fashion industry.
we do model evaluation and arrange creative Photo shoots for your Port folios

We are here for you.
So if you think you got what it takes to become a Model, Actor or a fashion professional please feel free and call us.

Call 876 484 1165 or 796 5080